Saturday, 29 March 2014

Scales on Saturday - six months in

Weeks 1-25: -48lbs
This week: +1.25lbs
Total loss: 46.75lbs
Today is my 26th weigh in and it would have been nice to celebrate that half year milestone with a good result.  But it was not to be.  While I understand the gain in context of an indulgent weekend, I remain a little disappointed – the scales were hinting at a loss in the run up to this morning, the sly divils.  But, if this is to be a two step forward, one step back kind of journey then I’ll have to take it on the chin.
Half a year on (and hasn’t it flown by!) I am approaching a three and a half stone loss.  That’s not too shabby at all – the average works out at around 1.8 lbs a week, the top end of what anyone has a right to expect who is not living on chemical dust (TM Peridot).  It has slowed down since those heady, early days and I appear to have less leeway now than I did but, as my dear readers know, a big part of my life is enjoying eating out and I am (at the moment, at least) not prepared to give it up for the sake of weight loss, so I’ll just have to deal (TM young people).
I was very fortunate the my weight had yet to impact significantly on my health and yet there is no doubt that I feel a lot better for shedding nearly fifty pounds.  My fitness levels are still desultory (yes, I still need to tackle that and yes, I know that I write this on here with irritating regularity) but there has been a definite improvement in my energy levels and stamina which is nice.
There is still a long way to go.  I remember hitting the weight that I am now on the way up and feel utterly gargantuan which just goes to show how the mind plays tricks since at the moment I have some days when I feel positively svelte.  The truth is somewhere in between.  By any measure – BMI, waist size, the label in my trousers – I still have a lot of work to do.  I can’t afford to be complacent or to lose concentration and I have to be open to the possibility that the rate of loss will continue to slow down.  Without that weekly shot of validation from the scales, things are likely to get an awful lot of harder. 
I say it to other people and now I say it to myself – all you can do is keep on keeping on.  I think, whether a size 10 or a size 20, I’ll always be fighting my inner fat girl and some days she will win – and that’s ok; as long as those days are few and getting fewer then I will content myself with that.


  1. Congratulations on this amazing progress! You should be so proud of yourself. Out of interest, do you know how much more weight you'd like to lose (and feel comfortable sharing?)

    Also have you ever considered posting on here a full day's worth of what you eat? I love your recipes (and your restaurant posts) and I just thought it would be interesting and instructive to know how you incorporate them into the rest of your day. Most diet blogs are full of the most painfully dire food. Everyone seems to want to channel Gwyneth Paltrow's hippy weirdness or else bland diet diet diet food, whereas I've always considered my weight loss spirit animal to be more in the Nigella Lawson mold...

    1. Thank you so much!

      Isn't that interesting - I had never realised that I hadn't mentioned my overall target, although it must be related to the fact that I tend to be cagey about actual figures (despite the fact it is an anonymous blog - I mean, talk about a Paranoid Android). I will have to address that.

      Oh, and I would LOVE to do a daily food post - I adore those type of things but just always worried that they would be intensely dull for people to read. I will have to look in to doing one very soon. Gwyneth Paltrow I most definitely am NOT - Nigella is a far nicer foodie role model :)

  2. 50lbs is absolutely mind-blowing and awe-inspiring - I'm vicariously proud of your achievements.


    1. Thank you lovely, although I wish very much I could pass some of it over your way.